First things first: don’t miss out on trying a Mucbilpollo. If you don’t want to order one whole, try it in restaurants like Los Almendros, Katún, Museo de la Gastronomía Yucateca and Teya Gastronomía Viva.




Daylight savings time is coming to an end in almost all of Mexico. In Yucatan we will set the clocks back one hour on the night of Saturday 30 to Sunday, October 31. Note: if you travel to Quintana Roo, make sure to adjust your watch one hour forward again.





With temperatures dropping in the northern hemisphere, birds from all over North America begin their journey south. November is a great month to see them! Cassie shares her experience on page 10.





In late October, as the rainy season ends, the Ría at Celestún is usually painted an intense crimson that perfectly matches the bright pink of the flamingos.





The General Cemetery of the City of Mérida turns 200 years old! Celebrate Yucatán’s special relationship with death through the photographic exhibition “Skeletal Moments”, in the corridors of Centro Cultural Olimpo.





All the way from central México, Pan de Muerto is here to stay. Taste the different flavors, aromas and textures offered by local bakeries and discover your favorite. Are you looking for inspiration? Start on page 34.





For a day trip or several-night stay, Progreso is always a good idea. Enjoy the tranquility of its boardwalk, the beauty of its beach and, of course, its delicious variety of its cuisine.






Tired of walking? Take a well-deserved break at Coqui Coqui, with spas in Mérida, Izamal, Valladolid and Cobá that offer endless options to relax and recharge.





Our subtropical climate means we always have seasonal fruit. Make your way to Oxkutzcab, the state’s orchard, where the beginning of the citrus season tastes even better.





Don’t forget to take home a typical garment! Try to purchase yours from established shops, with fair trade practices that truly benefit local artisans. Look for options at the Casa de las Artesanías or the towns of Tekit and Kimbilá.




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