Expo Cenotes is your opportunity to learn all about these wonders. Enjoy science exhibitions, promotion of tourist destinations, diving courses, and much more, November 17 to 19. Centro de Convenciones Siglo XXI; free admission.



Festival de los Sabores by atnavarrete2

Festival de Sabores de Yucatán (Flavors Festival) 2023 is an event that will delight our taste buds, celebrating the best cuisine in Yucatán. This year, we will also host the global competition The Best Chefs Awards. You have to experience this from November 16 to 20 www.yucatan.travel/festivalsabores2023




And because in Yucatán we’re all about flavor, from December 15 to 17, Centro de Convenciones Siglo XXI will be filled with delightful aromas at the Expo Café y Xocolate. Admission is free, so don’t miss out on a drink and dessert! FB: Expo Café y Xocolate



Noche Blanca by H. Ayuntamiento de Merida4

Save Friday, November 24, for Noche Blanca: an evening to enjoy art in Mérida at its best, with over 100 performances and incredible artists, events, and exhibitions. FB: Visit Mérida MX



Flamencos, Las Coloradas Parque Turístico5

Flamingos love the Yucatecan winter, and at this time, the perfect destination to admire them is Celestún. Check out page 46 to plan your visit, and remember to visit while respecting their distance and caring for their habitat.




From November 17 to 20, all of México celebrates “Buen Fin”,  a weekend where all kinds of businesses offer significant discounts in preparation for the December festivities. Don’t forget to compare prices before buying and expect crowding in some areas, especially in Mérida.




Run accompanied by the sea breeze with the second stop of the Magical Towns Circuit, Sisal, on December 3. Sign up for the 10k race or come to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. www.dashport.run/evento_704



Antorchistas Virgen de Guadalupe en Mani by Yucatan Today8

Get ready for the start of the year-end celebrations! Like every year, the streets of Yucatán will be filled with torchbearers (runners) celebrating the Virgin of Guadalupe in the days leading up to December 12.




And if you want to join the celebration, one of the most iconic places for the Guadalupana festivities is Acanceh: with parades, processions, music, and lots of food, thousands of people gather in this town. You can be one of them!



Oxkutzcab - Feria de la Naranja10

Historical monuments made with citrus fruits? This is only possible at the Orange Fair in Oxkutzcab, from December 7 to 17. Hurry for your ‘chinas’ (oranges). FB: VIVE OX



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