Cenote Santa Bárbara


May is one of the hottest months in Yucatán, but it’s also the perfect excuse to visit the cenotes of Homún, such as Santa Bárbara: two gorgeous cenotes, snacking area, cycling, snorkeling, and coming soon, a new area that promises to be spectacular. FB: Cenote Santa Bárbara


Palacio Cantón by Juan Manuel Mier y Terán2

May 18 is International Museum Day, and Yucatán is celebrating with special activities and tours at several local museums. Check out the details at each museum’s website or on FB: REDMY




This May 20 is the grand opening of the Hammock Fair in the Tekom community. Come get your hammock, you’ll surely find one with the colors of your favorite fruit. FB: H. Ayuntamiento de Tekom




Speaking of fruit, the month of May is the best time to try the most tropical fruits of the state, such as the delicious Yucatecan plum, Chi’abal, Huayas, and dragon fruit. You can buy them at markets; don’t forget the chili and lime.




In May, the streets are brightly colored thanks to our Flamboyant and Golden Rain trees, which cover Yucatecan paths with red and yellow. There’s nothing like admiring them between the stone walls (Albarradas) of a small town; take colorful pictures!




We’re self-proclaimed Marquesita, Queso Relleno, and Edam cheese ice cream lovers here. If you are too, the most delicious fair will be held this June. Experience it with your favorite person! FB: Feria del Queso de Bola




Live an amazing experience this June 3 in “The First Spark of the Revolution” in Valladolid; a portrayal of history and culture set in 1910. Arrive early to explore the streets of this Magical Town.





Only the Marine Marathon can give you routes with stunning landscapes such as the Chocolate Pier, the Yucalpetén Bridge, or the Lighthouse. It’s an activity you have to experience once in your life. If you couldn’t register, come cheer on the competitors on June 4! https://maratondelamarina.dashport.run/



If you want your little ones (and yourself!) to cool off without leaving the city, surely the Vergel Aquapark will save you from the heat with its boat rides and swimming pools. Open from 10 am – 5 pm.




If you’re touring around Yucatecan towns, don’t forget to stop by Mama: here you can visit Atlántida to cool off with their famous Micheladas (they have a house brand); they also have pools and murals to take the best pictures.
FB: Atlántida



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