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Officially, the International Day of Families is May 15, but any Sunday is great for a trip to San Felipe, the colorful fishermen’s village in eastern Yucatán. Olivia shares some day trip ideas on an article we made for you.



Hacienda Ticum - casa y piscina - 20192

Tixkokob celebrates its annual fair! Between May 17 and 22, enjoy modern and traditional dances, parades, and food honoring Saint Bernardino of Siena, and stop by and admire the nearby haciendas: San Antonio Millet, Ticum, Santa María Dzonot, and many more!



Museo Regional de Antropología de Yucatán, Palacio Cantón - interior 20203

Immersed in centuries-old culture, Yucatán is a great place to be on May 18, International Museum Day. Art, history, handcrafts…there’s something for everyone!




Frijol con Puerco - MUGY


On World Day for Cultural Diversity (May 21), we Yucatecos are proud to show the world our culture, including traditions, beliefs, food, and more! Visit the San Marcelino Maya village, living testimony of our roots. FB: San Marcelino Aldea Maya



SoHo Galleries - 20215

Mérida’s Noche Blanca returns triumphantly on May 28, offering artistic and cultural activities at the city’s museums, galleries, theaters, and parks. Enjoy this spectacular night! FB: Mérida es Cultura





Heads up, mountain bike fans! Race through colonial and natural pathways during the Route of the Three Cultures MTB Challenge, this May 29 in the magical village of Izamal. FB: Ruta de las 3 culturas • Reto MTB




Are you an animal lover? Check out the course Specialized Techniques for Reptile Management, June 4 to 6, in Tizimín. Camping, photography, certificate of attendance, and more. Find out all about it. FB: Parque Ecológico El Monte


Jardin Alak8

Looking to commemorate World Environment Day on June 5? Jardín Alak, in Tekom (near Valladolid) might be what you’re looking for. Remember: to preserve and protect our environments we must start by getting to know it. FB: Jardin Alak




June 5 is the Maritime Marathon, in celebration of our National Maritime Day! If running is your thing, you have to check out its course along the Malecón and over the piers at Progreso. Sign up at the Salvador Alvarado stadium. Tel. 999 925 4856



This June 13 is the perfect time to visit Tekit, the Guayabera Capital, and its traditional fair honoring Saint Anthony of Padua. Music, parades, fireworks, and regional food, in addition to beautiful traditional clothing, await in this lovely town.




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