The spring equinox reveals the incredible mathematical and astronomical precision achieved by the Maya civilization. Unfortunately, this year Chichén Itzá will be closed March 20 – 22 to help slow the spread of Covid in our state. At the time of this publication, Dzibilchaltún has still not announced if it will be open or not for this event.




In Yucatán, a vegetarian diet is traditionally maintained on Fridays during Lent – an excellent excuse to try Papadzules and Brazo de Reina! Don’t miss out on these meat-free delicacies.



Usually, towns such as Acanceh and Valladolid host a Via Crucis on Good Friday. This year might be different, but you can still visit these towns during Easter break to get a dose of Yucatecan culture and history.




Go kitesurfing in El Cuyo, the last frontier of Yucatecan beaches. Kayak through the mangroves or mingle with flamingos on a boat tour of the Ría.




During March, we usually experience the very last Norte (cold front) of the season. Better enjoy it while it lasts! The hottest temperatures of the year are right around the corner.





Mangos are at their peak right now. Savor the multiple varieties with chili powder and lime juice, in a Champola, or plain!




As the temperature ramps up and rainfall becomes scarcer, birds, opossums, and other wildlife can have a hard time finding water sources. Put out a ceramic container filled with fresh water, so that they always have somewhere to go for a cool drink.




If you’re looking to beat the heat, get a Guayabera or a Huipil-style blouse. You’ll see why Yucatecans are unfazed by the high temperatures.





Peak your adrenaline levels on the tour of the caves in Tekax. Squeeze your body tight as the underworld engulfs you, revealing ancient Maya artifacts, loads of quartz crystals, and complete darkness.




Recently, Mérida’s free bilingual walking tour started up again. This activity highlights the history of the area that surrounds the White City’s main square. Departing from the information booth at the Palacio Municipal Mon. – Sat. 9:30 am, limited to 10 people.




Editorial by Maggie Rosado
Yucatán Today




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