Summer is already here, and it brings plenty of activities for you to enjoy. For example, take a road trip along the Yucatecan coast, try ice creams made from tropical fruits of the month, and make a list of cenotes to visit. Make sure to jot everything down on your list!




On June 18th, take Dad away from the routine on his special day and treat him to a well-deserved break in nature. Ejido San Crisanto and its beachfront cabins are a perfect option for that. http://sancrisanto.org/




With summer comes the rainy season. Take it easy, and here are a couple of tips: carry your umbrella wherever you go, don’t forget to buy bread, and protect yourself from mosquitoes.





June 18th is World Sustainable Gastronomy Day, and Yucatán is the perfect state to celebrate it, whether it’s in its restaurants or in communities like Xocén, Aldea Xbatun, or Ya’axché. Check out their Facebook pages for more information: Xocén Birding Trail, Aldea Xbatun, Ya’axche.




Experience the patron saint festival of San Pedro Chimay from June 21st to July 3rd. Join the festivities with your family, including traditional dances, vaquería, and plenty of local food. San Pedro Chimay is located just 30 minutes away from Mérida.




Hunucmá has a new cenote that you need to visit; the cost is only $25 pesos! It includes pools and a resting area. Opening hours: Fri-Sun from 12 pm to 7 pm. FB: Quinta El Gato



Experience the joy of spending a night with your friends in a colonial house in Mérida. Casa Vagantes is an option that preserves the essence and value of time. 





Celebrate the end of the school year with pure adrenaline at Rancho San Cristóbal in Xocchel. It offers slides, ziplines, horseback riding, quad bikes, paintball field, and much more. FB: Rancho San Cristóbal




Upon your return to Mérida, don’t forget to try the ice creams located on the road to Hoctún. They have become popular for their freshness and deliciousness, it’s a must to stop by and have one.



Nocturnal museums! Several museums will open their doors for nighttime art appreciation, and one of them is the Palacio de la Música on June 21st at 7 pm. Admission is free but limited, so reserve your spot by emailing [email protected]



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