It’s finally summer! We can already feel the warm breeze and the passing afternoon clouds…Can you? They’re clearly encouraging you to enjoy Yucatán’s cenotes and beaches. The Vistamar beach club, by the Chicxulub pier, is a great spot to have a cold beer and a great summer day.




Are you ready to discover Yucatán’s next Magical Town before it gets crowded? It isn’t official, but it’s in the running, so get ready: Tekax is displaying 10 mural paintings telling us about the city’s culture and history. They’re the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot! Get your outfit ready and let’s go!




Since you’re in Tekax, you should make the most of your stay with activities like visiting a Maya village, riding ATVs in the jungle, exploring a wide range of marvelous caves, watching the Yucatecan hills from above while ziplining, and, of course, having delicious regional food. One day won’t be enough!




June 18 is Sustainable Gastronomy Day, and the official beginning of the Year of Yucatecan Cuisine, with the campaign “365 flavors in Yucatán.” You can’t miss out! Visit to see the upcoming activities, and follow the hashtag: #YucatánEsSabor.




This June 19, celebrate Father’s Day at Hacienda Sabacché: a great place to get away from the city, enjoy the cool water of a cenote, and taste a traditional Poc Chuc. Doesn’t dad deserve it?





Stay calm: the Yucatán Ice Cream Festival is upon us! A refreshing event that’s also brimming with amazing colors and flavors. Is your tummy ready? June 19 at Parque de la Paz, 10 am. Follow Subterra Tizimin on Facebook for more information.


Canek-Cocom - Sotuta7

The school year is over, but learning experiences are everywhere! Follow the Canek-Cocom route and discover the history in Sotuta, Tabi, and Yaxunah. Check out page 6 to find out more about the tour.




For everyone who loves the color and songs of the birds, the level-2 Birdwatching Workshop, in Mérida, is a perfect fit. Practice and improve your skills and knowledge, sign up for July 1 and 2! FB: Festival de las Aves TOH



Parents, are you looking for cool family activities in town? Take the kids to the Splash Pad water park, a space where every member of the family can wade and splash safely. It’s also free! Parque Los Paseos, Bosques del Poniente; Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 4 pm.



Join the party in San Felipe! The town fair, honoring Santo Domingo de Guzmán (Saint Dominic), begins July 14. Enjoy the festivities and, when you can’t take the heat anymore, escape to the beach! Since you’re there, make sure to visit Río Lagartos and Las Coloradas.



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