Artesania Feria Artesanal Tunich


The Tunich Artisan Fair is here! Don’t miss the opportunity to explore a wide variety of products made from stone, wood, textiles, and much more, straight from the artisans. Come and choose your favorite piece in Dzityá, from July 28 to August 6.



Gran Museo del Mundo Maya by Yucatán Today


Are you looking for options to keep your children entertained, learning, and socializing this summer? Both the Government of Yucatán and Ayuntamiento de Mérida (the Mérida Mayor’s Office) offer a wide range of free activities in various museums and cultural centers. Check out or visit our website to see some options.



2208 Uayma Taller Cerámica Emilio Espadas by Yucatán Today


Uayma welcomes you with traditional vaquerías, dances, and plenty of yummy dishes at its traditional festival, from July 28 to August 6. While you’re there, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Najil K’at for a traditional pottery workshop. FB: H. Ayuntamiento de Uayma FB: Najilkat Uayma



The patron saint festivities continue! It’s now time for Tetiz (August 13 – 16) and Temozón (August 15 – 18), where you can take part in the celebrations and enjoy the T’oox (distribution of local snacks) during the novenas. FB: H. Ayuntamiento de Tetiz 2021 – 2024 FB: H. Ayuntamiento de Temozón 2021 – 2024



Temporada de lluvia by Yucatán Today


During the storm season, it’s important to take precautions before leaving home. It is quite common during this time to have daily afternoon rains with strong gusts of wind. If you carry an umbrella with you, make sure it’s of good quality so that it doesn’t turn inside out as soon as you open it.



Cenote by Cenotes Santa Bárbara


Something else to consider: after days of heavy rain, some cenotes may be forced to close due to the increase in water level. If you’re not sure, contact them before visiting, or send us a message and we’ll do our best to assist you.



Halachó - Ya'axche


From August 11 to 13, the Ya’axche restaurant and workshop, in Halachó, celebrates its first anniversary. If you’ve never been there, this is a perfect time to try their delicious traditional dishes, and if you have, surely you’ll want to join the party. IG: y.aaxche FB: Yaaxche



 Parapente by Paramotor Mexico Flyventure Escuela


Do you want to see the Yucatecan coast like never before? How about from above? Another activity you can do in Yucatán is paragliding; there are options departing from different ports such as Progreso, Chelem, and Chuburná. Learn more details on FB: Paramotor Mexico Flyventure Escuela. If you’re more into discovering the depths, you can explore a sunken British steamship or the Dutch warship in the clear water in Sisala. Check out the tours on FB: Ziz Ha Tours Sisal



Piscina Hacienda Yunku Camino del Mayab by Nora Garrett


Looking for relaxation and nature without sand involved? How about a day trip to a hacienda? We have a list of options throughout the state, for every plan and every budget. Check it out here:



2305 Hacienda Xcanatun piscina by Hacienda Xcanatun


Now, if you want to stay in the city but are itching for a swim, we also have a list of hotels in Mérida that offer day passes. Think about it: by the pool with a drink and snacks, it’s impossible to feel the heat!



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