Celestún and its beautiful beaches will be the setting for the Ceviche, Aguachile, and Michelada Festival, July 15 to 17. Never tried these seafood delicacies? Now’s your chance! FB: Festival del Ceviche, Aguachile y Michelada



If Uayma is on your travel wishlist, here’s a tip for you: its annual fair is upon us. Discover the traditions that surround it, have fun, and take plenty of pictures at its unique church. July 18 to August 6.


Artesanías Tunich3

Another fair that you shouldn’t miss is the Tunich Artisan Fair, held in Dzityá July 19 to August 8. Fall in love with the many products the artisans will have to offer, and purchase the one that makes your heart happiest.



Canotaje - Progreso4

If electronic dance music is your thing, the first “Polífona – Music for Peace” festival is for you. Enjoy the music and the sea breeze at the Progreso Pista de Remo y Canotaje, or rowing course. Tickets: www.tusboletos.mx



Hacienda Santa Cruz5

It’s time to make the most of your vacation: spend the day (for as many days as you like) at the most spectacular haciendas. Olivia shares a few options you can visit for a day of leisure with the entire family, kids included.




Can you call it summer if you’re not at the beach? If sunbathing iguana-style is not your thing, how about taking up a sport on the Yucatán beaches? We share a few options.




Parque Las Américas7

The hot summer afternoons just call for a MarquiHelado: half ice cream, half marquesita. If you haven’t tried them, you really should; you won’t regret it. Find them at Parque de las Américas, every afternoon.




How about a birdwatching tour in the Uxmal archeological site? What an adventure! You’re not about to miss out, are you? Everything’s set for August 13. Sign up at FB: Festival de las Aves TOH





A double celebration! Both Cenotillo and Dzidzantún honor Saint Clare of Assisi (Santa Clara), August 3 to 13, and they both do it through music, food, and plenty of dancing. Which one are you visiting first?




Are you jonesing for new pictures in Yucatán? The magical town of Maní is debuting a new spot called “La Calzada del Amor,” or love walkway. Take all the pictures you want, alone, or with company. Just another thing you can do in this beautiful place!



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