The Mérida Fest begins with Rosca de Reyes, but goes on through January 23! Remember there are in-person and online activities; check out the full program on social media (FB: Mérida es Cultura).






Speaking of Rosca, if it’s your turn to buy everyone Tamales for La Candelaria (February 2), do not, and I can’t stress this enough, leave it for last. Even by ordering in advance, you might encounter long lines to pick them up. Plan accordingly!





The same is true for Valentine’s; everyone wants to dine out (especially considering in Mexico it’s love and friendship day), so spontaneity is a recipe for disaster. Check out your options and book in advance.





How about our Yucatecan winter? Our freezing maximum temperatures of 27ºC (80º F) are perfect to spend a day exploring archaeological sites. By the time you’re done, you won’t be able to resist cooling off in a cenote.





If you go to San Felipe at the beginning of February, don’t be surprised if the port’s peace and quiet is peppered with parades, music, and dancing throughout the day and night. The celebration of its patron saint, San Felipe de Jesús, peaks on February 5.





The Merida English Library offers weekly events that are worth participating in. Whether you choose a wine tasting or a house and garden tour, they’re all an excellent way to discover a different side of the city, and (why not?) make new friends.




In Yucatán, there are plenty of cultural activities, but this period is especially crowded with big-name concerts, like the Spaniards Raphael (January 29) and Mónica Naranjo (February 2), and the Mexican banda La Trakalosa de Monterrey (February 5).




When it comes to visiting a hidden jewel in Mérida, any time is good: the Templo de la Candelaria’s (Calle 64 x 67) plain-looking façade hides a golden altarpiece that’s worth taking a look at. However, if you have a chance to do it during the celebration of its patron saint (February 2), you really shouldn’t miss it.





The Full Moon Jazz Festival is taking place this February 19! It’s still a long way to go, but be advised that tickets were sold out well in advance the last time; purchase yours as soon as possible!





We Yucatecos are used to having steaming hot food when it’s 45ºC (a nice (113ºF). If you prefer to make the most of the winter to do it, this is your chance to enjoy Esquites and Marquesitas. You’ll see carts offering these snacks in the evenings along Paseo Montejo and at most parks and markets in town.




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