Yucatecan sunsets can be so dramatic, and the bright purple, pink, and orange skies are ideal to just sit and reflect on your day. Take a seat on one of the city’s terraces and enjoy the show.




Get to know more about the history of Valladolid by visiting Museo de San Roque, located in a 16th-century historic building.



See the San Miguel Arcángel church at Maxcanú. Did you know that the 90º Meridian goes right through the church tower, and this is the one that defines Mexican time?




Yucatecans tend to adhere to Lent quite strictly. During this time, Papadzules, Brazo de Reina, and fried fish become even more popular dishes.




All along the Yucatecan coast, encounter 450 year-old living fossils, called horseshoe crabs. These ten-eyed, prehistoric bottom-feeders are in danger of extinction and highly protected by Mexican law due to the exploitation of the copper in their blue blood.




Check out Full Moon Art on February 27 and 28, this online art auction organized by Galería 1010 will be putting 25% of the profits towards Telchac Education.




Yucatán’s “fresco,” or cool weather, is starting to dissipate. But never fear! It’s a perfect time to visit one of the state’s gorgeous cenotes, such as Zazil Tunich.




The Orquesta Sinfónica de Yucatán has started a new season. For the time being, they won’t be offering large concerts at the Peón Contreras theater, but will rather be presenting in a smaller format. More information at: www.sinfonicadeyucatan.com.mx 




Have breakfast at a local institution: Café Pop in Mérida. This restaurant has been a favorite since 1971. You’ll love it’s retro vibe and artistic flair.




Go on a unique tour of Mérida’s past with Noches de Leyendas. With super-fun theatrical interpretations, they shed a new light on the city’s hidden corners. Fridays and Saturdays starting at 7 pm. Buy your tickets in front of the Catedral from 5 pm.




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