The parks and roundabouts of the city are adorned with the Christmas spirit; explore them and take photos with your favorite people. Don’t miss the Coca-Cola Christmas tree in the northern part of the city, and stay informed about all events on the Yucatán Today social media.



2303 Iglesia Acanceh by atnavarrete2

From December 16 to 24, visit your favorite church to experience traditional Mexican Christmas novenas and posadas. Remember to stay until the end of each activity to enjoy Yucatecan snacks, such as codzitos, vaporcitos, charritos, and more.



Iglesia de San Jose en Espita by Yucatan Today


Now, if you’re more in the mood for an all-out celebration, the recently-appointed Magical Town of Espita is celebrating its patron saint. Honoring the Divine Infant, the Espita fair you’ll find traditional dancing, regional snacks, celebrations, and plenty of fun. FB: Ayuntamiento de Espita




If you’re celebrating New Year’s in Yucatán, you’ll find endless options to do it in style. Check our website and social media for some options that will surely interest you: www.yuc.today/december




But 2024 doesn’t start without a visit to Valladolid: on December 30, the Tour La Vecindad Santanera (La Sonora Santanera + La Maldita Vecindad) will be free for all visiting the Sultana of the East. Don’t miss it!



Feria de reyes - Tizimín6

 One of the most anticipated fairs is approaching: from December 30 to January 14, don’t miss the Fair of the Three Wise Men in Tizimín. Visit the church, try the typical dishes, and join the celebrations that this tradition brings us every year.




Mérida turns 482! Celebrate it at the Mérida Fest 2024. From January 5 to 21, there will be free events and activities, including exhibitions, concerts, and a myriad of surprises. FB: Visit Mérida Mx




Don’t forget the traditional “rosca”! On January 6, you can savor this delight anywhere in the state; usually, the municipality of Mérida invites everyone to the “cutting of the rosca,” mark your calendar! FB: Visit Mérida Mx



 Mercado Lucas de Gálvez, remodelado 2023 by Carlos Guzmán9

It’s time to go to the market! If you’re someone who likes to admire the culture of Mérida, then go check out the renovated area of the Lucas de Gálvez Market; it has a gallery and an observation deck! FB: Visit Mérida Mx




Here’s a new adventure for you! San Nicolás, a community in Suma de Hidalgo, has only 9 inhabitants and could soon disappear; some call it a ghost town. Whether or not, you must visit it.




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