If you’re a foreigner, this is your chance to take part in an authentic Mexican Posada, with traditional songs and piñatas. Just remember many people call “Posada” any party in December. It’s a good idea to ask in advance!




Since last year, the Mérida City Government has been partnering with local businesses to decorate some of the city’s roundabouts. A drive to check them out is a fun, safe, socially-distanced family outing.




The holiday decoration at city parks has also gotten better in recent years, giving way to plenty of Instagram-friendly spots. Local favorites include Parque de Santa Ana and Remate de Paseo de Montejo.




The Tekit Guayabera Fair, December 13 to 31, is a wonderful opportunity to renew your wardrobe just in time for the holidays. Over 60 manufacturers will be in attendance!




Churro fans, this is your time to shine! Mérida now boasts at least four churro places looking to stand out with crunchy delights and a wide range of toppings. The Yucatecan winter is the perfect time to try them all!




Don’t forget: in México the big celebrations take place on December 24 and 31. Keep this in mind and check before planning an outing these days to avoid disappointments.




Ringing in the New Year in Yucatán? The state offers a wide variety of options to celebrate, with special menus, drinks, and even dancing. Make sure to make your reservations in advance.




This January 6, Mérida celebrates its 460th anniversary! The 2022 Mérida Fest will feature online and in-person activities so everyone can take part. Check out the program and enjoy everything it offers!



January 6 is also Epiphany or Three Kings’ Day. Try the delicious Rosca (you’ll find it everywhere) and share it with friends or family. Remember, if you find the baby you have to buy everyone tamales next month.




The traditional Tizimín fair is back! One of the most important patron saint celebrations in Yucatán, devoted to the Three Kings, is taking place January 1 to 16. The trip is definitely worth it!




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