In Timucuy, the party never ends! Enjoy their traditional celebration, and dance to the rhythm of the musical groups that will be performing from August 19 to 22. Make the most of your visit and try the famous artisanal ice creams from Hermenegildo Chan. FB: Ayuntamiento de Timucuy 2021-2024



Vaquería nights, afternoon gatherings, and birthday songs! That’s how Tahcabo will welcome us to its fair from August 18 to 25. Arrive early to also enjoy the T’oox (distribution) of Relleno Negro, Cochinita, and Chicharra. Check the calendar here.


Sotuta by Olivia Camarena Cervera


Join the horseback ride organized to promote the care of horses and family togetherness in Sotuta on September 3, and take the opportunity to explore this historic town. There will be plenty of surprises! FB: Mérida a Caballo A.C.




Espita Magical Town by Natalia Bejarano Calero


Discover Espita, “The Athens of Yucatán.” It is one of the three new Magical Towns in Yucatán and is filled with culture, delicious cuisine, and colonial architecture. Uncover the magic for yourself!


2308 Cenote Dzonotoch by Cenote Dzonotoch5

If you’re traveling to Espita, you must visit the Dzonotoch cenote. It offers cave tours, an underground river, and a Maya bath experience. Admission is $100 pesos for adults and $70 pesos for children under 10 years old. FB: Cenote Dzonotoch 




Valladolid now has a museum route, and one of them is the Xpeten Aak Museum. There, you can explore the botanical richness of Yaxché, a village within the municipality. Plan your visit at  FB: Museo comunitario yaxche “xpeten aak”



Enjoy Mérida through sports! On September 3, you can bring your family to support the runners in the La Lupita race, which includes children’s races, rollerblading competitions, and walks. FB: Botanas La Lupita



All you need is to enjoy the end of summer and a medieval castle to transport yourself into a fairy tale. Visit Hacienda San Antonio Millet, and fall in love with its architecture surrounded by nature. FB: Hacienda San Antonio Millet



Are you staying in Mérida? Visit Parque Lineal Los Paseos, an attraction consisting of over 15 kilometers of parks. Every weekend, you can enjoy sports and artistic activities there. FB: Gobierno del Estado de Yucatán



Uayma iglesia by Olivia Camarena Cervera10

Uayma has a restored church! The Santo Domingo Ex Convent is waiting for you to admire its charming architecture. Tip: Check out its images and choose the perfect outfit for the best photos.



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