Yucatán en abril / in April - playa


Sunny days are perfect for a great vacation on the gorgeous Yucatecan coasts. What’s the perfect choice? We assure you that no beach will disappoint!




Chicxulub, site of the asteroid that impacted 65 million years ago, pays a small tribute to the deceased: the dinosaurs! Be among the first to visit the Sendero Jurásico (Jurassic Trail) just outside this beautiful port.


Yucatán en abril / in April -Xkopek


Celebrate Earth Day (April 22) by learning about the tiny creatures essential to our life here. Yucatán offers many beekeeping park options; for example, Xkopek, in Valladolid, and Apiturismo, in Sinanché. Both offer fun experiences for people of all ages. IG: xkopekmx. FB: Apiturismo Sinanche



Yucatán en abril / in April - El Cuyo


Nature is calling you to the Festival de las Aves Toh 2022 (Toh Bird Festival), to be held in beautiful El Cuyo. Look up events on social media and participate in activities to admire, photograph, and learn about these extraordinary beings. FB: Festival de las Aves TOH



Yucatán en abril / in April - Plantas medicinales


April 28 is the Day of Herbalism and Traditional Medicine. Would you like to know what’s known about local plants in Yucatán? Visit the Jardín Botánico Regional “Roger Orellana” and discover the other side of plants. FB: Jardín Botánico Regional “roger Orellana”



Children’s Day is a beloved holiday in México. Join in the celebration with a visit to Parque Diversión Xtrema! Cassie tells you how to get there and what to do.



Beautiful Chumayel takes on a new life for its patron saint’s day! Visit from April 28 to May 3 to participate in the parades and Novenas, lively experiences worth discovering. Check out the activities on FB: Fiesta Tradicional De Chumayel.



Labor Day is a perfect occasion to get to know the magical places that Yucatán has to offer. X’tohil, in Cuzamá, is one of them, with four spectacular cenotes run by friendly, warm, and respectful people. FB: Ecotours “X’Tohil” Cuzamá, Yucatán


Yucatán en abril / in April - bordado, embroidery


Get your hipil ready! Conkal celebrates the Purísima Concepción with celebrations from May 1 to 8. If you attend the festivities (they’re very close to Mérida!), be respectful, spend time, and have fun participating in the activities and trying local snacks.



Yucatán en abril / in April - Hacienda Sotuta de Peón10

Looking for a Mother’s Day present? Flowers are a great choice; a trip to a cenote or a beach is even better; but a stay at Hacienda Sotuta de Peón would be an unforgettable experience.



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