May is known for being the hottest month of the year in Yucatán; this makes it the perfect time to go cenote hopping! Go see one (or several) of the natural sinkholes near Tecoh. As with all open water swimming, there is an element of risk, so please take care.




Another must this month is a trip to the beach. Spend the morning in Progreso, or go a little off the beaten path to a coastal community like Chabihau. We know you’ll love it.





Have lunch at Bistro Cultural to enjoy fresh French fusion. It’s one of the Centro’s best-kept secrets and is located at Calle 66 x 41 y 43.



Mayapán is an impressive site with 4,000 mounds. It’s also only 45 minutes from Mérida and is not usually visited by large crowds. Go and explore it if you haven’t already.





In May and June, it’s tropical fruit season in Yucatán and you will see plenty of plums, dragon fruits, mameys, and mangoes. Enjoy them as a popsicle, natural fruit juice, or just seasoned with chili powder and a squeeze of lime.




Did you know that on June 4 Valladolid celebrates the “First Spark of the Revolution”? Yes! It was here where a worker’s revolt “ignited” the Mexican Revolution of 1910.





The most iconic trees of our state are in bloom: the frangipani, the Lluvia de Oro, and the royal poinciana. These majestic trees aren’t just beautiful, they also help regulate our city’s temperature.





Visit Artesanaria in front of Parque de Santa Lucía and take home a souvenir that has been handmade by the artisans of our beautiful country.





Let’s go bird watching! The Yucatán Peninsula is home to over 500 bird species and you can see different ones depending on where you are. On page 7, Violeta tells us about Celestún, a birder’s paradise.





If you want to take a break like a local, spend an afternoon at La Negrita drinking an ice-cold beer while you sample round after round of the delightful snacks served up in this Yucatecan Cantina.





Maggie Rosado
Editor of Yucatan Today. Maggie is passionate about tourism, writing, and languages and holds a Master’s degree in Translation.




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