Though it may not be a “White Christmas,” you will definitely feel the holiday spirit throughout the city of Mérida with its parties, special concerts, and especially, the decoration on Paseo de Montejo.


In Yucatán the weather is always perfect for a trip to the beach. Discover the colorful town of San Felipe with Cassie.


During the winter months in Yucatán there are tons of artisan and farmers’ markets each day of the week.


A visit to the Maruja Barbachano Gallery is a must during your trip to Mérida. Take a look at the amazing fabrics, clothing, and unique pieces that are part of her collection.


If you happen to be spending the holidays away from home, there is always a place where you can celebrate. On page 34, we tell you all about where to go for Christmas and New Year.



Dive into the past and learn about Henequén production in a unique place with a life of its own: Hacienda Sotuta de Peón. After your tour, feast on wonderful regional food.


From December 30 to January 19, visit the Feria Tizimín 2020, the oldest fair in the state. It goes all the way back to pre-Columbian times, when three deities were worshiped: Yum Chaac, Yum, K’aax, and Yum Ik.


On December 31, you’ll be able to see “Año Viejo” dolls and piñatas on sidewalks across Yucatán. These are filled with firecrackers, and at midnight, they are set on fire to bring in the new year.


During the holidays, places such as Uxmal and Chichén Itzá will be very crowded. If you have already been, why not visit the spectacular sites of the Ruta Puuc? Sayil, Labná, and Xlapak await.


On January 6 we celebrate two things: The Rosca de Reyes (a traditional pastry eaten during the Epiphany), and Mérida’s 478th The occasion is commemorated each year with the “Mérida Fest.” This year, events will be held from January 5 – 26.