You’re in Yucatán. You breathe in the fresh air and your options are endless. Yucatán is a place with all the necessary ingredients of a fantastic tale – beach, colonial towns, romance, gastronomy, adventure, and immense cultural wealth. The pastel colored facades, an atmosphere that invites you to let go, the history, the mystery of its archeological sites… Its diversity makes it a magical destination!

The beaches of Yucatán have a serene way of life that you’ll sense as soon as you see the waves break. Spend a weekend in El Cuyo, an oasis away from it all. Walk through the Malecón Internacional in Progreso and enjoy delicious seafood. Get to know Celestún, the flamingos’ adoptive home during a long part of the year or the most photographed pink lagoons in Las Coloradas.

The state’s unique geography, its caves and cenotes, transport you into a world with an array of experiences to check off your bucket list. Connect with the underworld and submerge yourself in the serenity of the cenotes. Opt for a more extreme journey in the cenotes of the circle of Homún, visit a perfect cenote for kids like El Corchito, or purify your energy by embracing a Pitch tree after a swin in Tsukán’s cenote.

Playas de Yucatán

El Corchito

With its safe streets, lively night life, renowned restaurants, and emblematic historic sites, Mérida stands out for its diverse artistic offer. Walk around Paseo de Montejo and absorb its colonial past through its architecture. During Hanal Pixan or Carnaval, witness thow yucatecan, maya, and colonial culture mix. Leap from chapter to chapter, no experience is alike.

You don’t need a stratospheric budget to enjoy the state. You, your backpack, and a bicycle are enough to navigate through its Pueblos Mágicos. Explore the markets and try a delicious Torta de Cochinita. If you prefer a luxury stay, spend the night in Chablé, gaze at the stars far away from the busy city lights and fill yourself with peace. Shop at boutiques such as Casa T’hō, Coqui Coqui, and Maruja Barbachano Galería and discover yucatecan artists known worldwide. Admire the sublime work of the state’s artisans and bring a piece of Yucatán back home.

Yucatán is a tale that can be told over and over again from an ever changing perspective. Roam around it with your family, significant other, friends, or venture by yourself. This is the first page of your story in Yucatán.

Editorial by Greta Garrett
Photography by Nora Garrett

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