Whether it’s the vivid colors of its markets or the features and smiles of its people, the beaches that are one with the sky, its colonial and pre-Hispanic architecture, the beautiful landscapes and rich flora and fauna…Yucatán is an excellent place to capture unique moments with a camera. Many of the most talented photographers have done exactly that: their work it is to record memorable moments forever. Let’s meet them.

The photographic talent in Yucatán is enormous. It may be because of the inspiration they find in every corner, because of their visual arts training, or for many other reasons. So we set ourselves the task of introducing you to some of the photographers who stand out because of the force of their images.

One of the photographers who makes time stand still and captures love stories, using the ethereal elegance of haciendas and the beautiful Yucatecan coast as her canvas, is Elizabeth Medina. Resident of Mérida for many years, she defines herself as an artisan photographer, and her wedding photography is internationally renowned. Her artistic perspective captures memorable moments from the weddings she photographs, but also creates portraits that you will enjoy seeing again and again. (www.elizabethmedina.com)

“From Yucatán for the world” is the quote that could easily sum up the story of Yucatecan Pepe Molina, who began in the photography circle of Yucatán and now captures the history and realities of far-flung corners of the world, including Africa, China, South America and the US. With photos published in specialty magazines, and participation as visual director for videos and documentaries, Pepe has extensive experience in the local, national and international level in fashion, product, and portrait photography. His talent and passion for photography have made him an undisputed benchmark. He still works in Yucatán seasonally. (www.pepemolina.com.mx)

Another photographer who has captured the natural beauty of Yucatán in fashion editorials, on beaches and in urban scenarios, is Pipe Gaber. With a big future awaiting, this young man has been behind the camera lens for countless images that portray the fashion concepts of local designers in exotic settings, such as Las Coloradas, cenotes, and mangroves. (www.pipegaber.com)

Pitahaya Fotografía is made up of two photographers, Paola Castillo and Alex Xeic, who came together in order to share emotions and tell stories through photos. Their family or couples sessions, set in archaeological sites, haciendas, beaches, or boardwalks, have the special touch of naturalness and spontaneity. They offer their original services in various places on the Peninsula. (www.pitahaya.com.mx)

The day to day life of Yucatán, from a young, fresh eye, through the digital platform of Instagram, is accessible through the photos of Sergio Garrido Vera. From Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, but with residence in Yucatán and dedicated 100% to photography, he has received international recognition as one of the best visual emerging artists, thanks to his images of portraits, travel, experimental photography, and what he feels passionate about in the state. Become part of the community of Igers Yucatán, a talent that is worth following that captures the current moment. (Instagram:@chekogarrido)

Each one of these photographers portrays a piece of the beauty of the Yucatecan land, using their talents for fashion, portraits, weddings, everyday life, and family. Between them all, you have a 360 degrees vision of what makes Yucatán the place of inspiration.

Violeta H. Cantarell

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