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“Xixim, the pleasure of connecting with nature” is the slogan of this hotel; “an enclosure of peace, to free the stress and discover the essential elements that give meaning to life”. And as you approach the hotel, which is 10 km. north of Celestún, you will begin to understand the words “enclosure of peace”, as you get further and further away from any populated area. By the time you reach the hotel, you have a sense of arriving at the end of the road…and indeed you have. There is not a single other person around, other than you, the other hotel guests, and the hotel staff, surrounded by pristine nature. Xixim is the rediscovery of wellbeing.

Yucatán and its Mayan heritage are singularly important right now, because of the wide diffusion of the new “katún”, which has become a subject of great interest on a worldwide level. For this reason, Hotel Xixim invited the business community to a cocktail reception and conference on March 2, 2012, to present the new image of a sustainable hotel concept at Xixim Unique Mayan Hotel.

Xixim, formerly called Hotel Ecoparaíso, opened in 1996 with 15 individual bungalow suites. In 2009 a complete refurbishment was done, and in 2010 they added 17 more suites, for a total of 24 junior and 8 master suites. In 2011 the wellness center was officially opened with a gym, yoga center, juice bar, and massage services. The accommodation is luxurious; no detail has been overlooked. The food in the restaurant and bar is inspired and creative. There are dozens of behind-the-scenes details which hotel guests would never notice, but that contribute to their sense of being comfortable and pampered, and a staff of 33 to make sure everything is taken care of.

The hotel’s owner, Verena Gerber, is a former physical therapist and a former partner in a pioneer eco-hotel in Playa del Carmen. With the tourism boom in Playa, she saw that the setting was no longer a serene and perfect place for an eco-retreat, so she decided to build one in a pristine place respected by humans. Xixim’s built area represents only 2% of the 25 hectares which have been developed on its land; and the total land is 538 hectares, virtually guaranteeing that no other development can come near.

The suites have an unrestricted view of the miles of virgin beach, but they are set back behind the second dune so as not to disturb the flora and fauna. There is abundant wildlife: birds, nesting sea turtles, many native plants and flowers, mammals, and reptiles. The hotel provides detailed nature trail maps so that you can explore and get to know the surroundings.

“At Xixim, you can listen to yourself and listen to your partner,” says Verena. “You can walk on a beach for miles and not encounter another living soul, with the moon to light your way. Or walk on the beach with no moon, and when you look up at the sky, you will feel the universe getting closer. Xixim is for those who dare to rediscover the essence of life itself, the rediscovery of wellbeing. Xixim, the pleasure of connecting with nature.”

There is no place like Xixim anywhere else on the Yucatán Peninsula, nor in the entire world.


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Xixim, the pleasure of connecting with nature.

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