Where to Practice your Languages in Mérida

Anyone who has lived outside of their hometown – or their home country – will know that, besides being an incredible experience, sometimes it can be a little lonely at first.


During the year I lived abroad, the activities that kept me connected, with a chance to meet people, were the language exchange meetings that took place in the city. At those meetings, people from different parts of the world gathered in one place, and everyone tried to put into practice the language they wanted to enhance. By the end of every evening we talked about almost everything, and kept each other company.


That’s why I want to share with you some information that may be useful, if what you want is to speak to people in a foreign language. Whether you come from another country and want to meet people and learn Spanish during your stay in Mérida, or if you are a local and want to practice a foreign language with native speakers, these conversational get-togethers will be useful for you to learn more about a language, and make new friends!



Where to Practice your Languages in MéridaMérida English Library

For 10 years, a conversation club has taken place every Monday at Mérida English Library, where English and Spanish are the languages that are practiced. From 7 pm until a little before 9 pm the library patio fills up, with the bustle of endless conversations. People from all over the world meet in this cultural space to discuss a great variety of topics in the two specific languages (English & Spanish). Although the event is free of charge, the library accepts voluntary donations, to contribute to their overhead (electricity, for example).

Calle 53 #524 between 66 and 68, Centro
Tel. (999) 924 8401
FB: Mérida English Library



Instituto Asiático Peninsular intercambio de idiomasInstituto Asiático Peninsular

At the Instituto Asiático Peninsular, every Friday there are two schedules to practice the Japanese language. From 4:30 to 6 pm or from 5:30 to 7 pm, the students of this school can enjoy a pleasant time among friends, to chat in Spanish and Japanese. They are thinking of adding languages ​​such as Chinese and Korean to this conversation club. In addition to the language exchange, for students there are other activities that bring them closer to the Asian culture; like the tea ceremony, calligraphy courses, and Asian cooking classes. With the teaching of these ancient cultures, the Instituto Asiático Peninsular offers us the opportunity to embrace their customs and traditions.

Calle 21 #144 between Prolongación Montejo and 32, Fracc. Buenavista
Tel. (999) 943 4551
FB: Instituto Asiático Peninsular A.C.



Editorial by Claudia Améndola
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