Leave the bustle of the city, the traffic, and the intense midday sun behind closed doors. In García Ginerés, one of Mérida’s centrally-located and traditional neighborhoods, you’ll discover a serene refuge where you can relax in comfort and truly recover from travel. An oasis that has been carefully curated to feel like home, only better. Could we possibly ask for more? “¡Claro que si!” – of course we can!


Wayam Mundo Imperial is the ideal place to stay while in Mérida and the excitement begins when you first lay eyes on your new home away from home. The hotel, located on Avenida Colón, preserves the original façade of a traditional García Ginerés house from the 1940s and it seamlessly fits in with the scenery of the surrounding area. Native trees, plants, and vibrant greenery complete the open spaces of this environmentally-conscious hotel and allow your eyes to rest while inspiring peace and tranquility. Just breathe in, and feel the fresh air.


Wayam gets its name from “Huaya,” a fruit tree that is commonly found in Yucatán, one of these iconic trees has called the property home for many years before construction for the hotel commenced. In keeping with a sustainable and environmental approach, which aims to immerse travelers in authentic experiences, the tree was kept standing, bringing shade, fresh air, and life for years to come. Wayam Mundo Imperial opened on July 23 of last year, in the midst of a global pandemic, and has continued to host visitors from all over México, North America, and Europe. 



So, why do visitors choose this hospitality experience? For several reasons, but we’ll kick off with one of the most important ones: “in Wayam, the fresh air flows.” As mentioned, the hotel was built respecting the design of a 1940s house, when local architecture was designed to promote ventilation. Step inside, you’ll feel the air drifting through the wide spaces, yet somehow preserving the magic of a different time. But sometimes new is good too, the hotel boasts a modern sustainable infrastructure and is 85% solar-powered. The water has also been specially treated so that it is pure, soft, and super fresh for visitors. 


You’ll have a hard time choosing one of Wayam’s four suites. They’re all designed for ultimate comfort and have tropical touches to help you get the rest you were surely looking forward to during your stay. Another superb feature is the different spaces throughout the hotel that make the journey from the lobby to your suite an adventure of discovery; you’ll come across cool and comfortable spots with plenty of art to enjoy. And if you love traveling with your furry best friend, you don’t need to leave them behind; Wayam is 100% dog friendly.


And if you’ve fallen in love with Wayam’s sustainability, you’ll be pleased to hear that this aspect is also present in the culinary side: their first-class restaurant, Cuna, is proud to serve up “honest cuisine.” Everything you eat at Cuna comes from the land and sea of Yucatán. Cuna will delight you with scrumptious local products that vary according to the season.


If you’re thinking of exercising during your stay or joining a yoga class, the gym at Wayam Mundo Imperial is also top-notch. It has spectacular windows overlooking the gardens that will surely inspire you to exercise your mind and body. No doubt you will be a different person when you leave Wayam, and if you ever return to Mérida, you will surely want to relive this experience.


Wayam Mundo Imperial
Avenida Colón #805, Col. García Ginerés
Tel. (800) 969 2926


Editorial by Cecilia García Olivieri
Writer and reporter
Sumario Yucatán



Photography by Cecilia García Olivieri and Wayam Mundo Imperial for use in Yucatán Today.

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