Dr. Diana Gil, Karina Trujillo, and Adriana España welcome me via video chat with a background that seems taken straight out of a music video. But it’s not because they play in a band during their spare time, but because that soft, warm, and pink lighting is part of the experience you can expect when you get a mammogram at Faro del Mayab Hospital.


Their equipment is top-notch. It has a special remote that allows the patient to control the pressure on their breast during the mammogram. Using this, the patient feels more comfortable and is able to participate in the process. Likewise, after the examination, the patient is given a preliminary report, which helps them leave the hospital with a better sense of how things went. This expert group of women wishes to avoid the feeling of unease that usually comes hand-in-hand with getting a scan done.  


Getting back to the lighting, they tell me that, during the mammogram, they are able to change the color of the room, and usually keep it in pink and purple tones. “It’s a softer mood and ambiance. It’s part of the patient care that we provide,” they say. Though it may seem like just a small action, these are the type of details that portray the importance of patients to the team. Their comfort and health are the main focus.


Though breast cancer prevention is still not a reality, these studies are created for early detection and a timely treatment. It is suggested women check themselves in a self-exploration session once a month, preferably within the first ten days of their period.


Experts recommend these studies for women over 40, or younger women who have a family history of breast cancer. Every six months, women should get a mammogram, and a mammogram with an ultrasound every year. They state that one study does not cancel the other; they are complementary.


Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Faro del Mayab Hospital has a promotion that includes a mammogram and an eco (ultrasound) for $750 pesos during the month of October.



Dra. Diana Gil – Médico Especialista en Radiología con Calificación Agregada en Imagen e Intervención en Mama

Karina Trujillo – Técnico radiólogo con certificación en mastografía

Adriana España – Técnico radiólogo


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Photography by Hospital Faro del Mayab for use in Yucatán Today

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