A space where you will be able to get up close to a variety of disciplines of contemporary art: painting, sculpture, design, and installations, all of them created by Alfredo Romero, a visual artist who will amaze you with his work, different techniques, and varied themes, but all with a depth that will have a strong impact on you.

Visual artist, teacher, and architect by profession, a multidisciplinary creator who incorporates painting, sculpture as well as design and installations into his works: we are speaking of Alfredo Romero Campos, founder of La Sala Art & Design Gallery, one of the most recognized art galleries in Mérida.

Alfredo was born in Barcelona, and has lived in México since 2008, first in Veracruz and now in Mérida, the city chosen to live and establish this art gallery. “Mérida is sensational, with lots of growth, cultural activity, and emerging movements. Plus, the beach is so close that it makes me feel at home,” he says.

At La Sala you can see some of the permanent pieces from his eight collections developed over recent years: watercolors under the title of “Belleza Robada” (stolen beauty), paintings from the series “La Escencia de la Ausencia” (the essence of absence), “No Limits, Sin Frontiers,” “El Misterio de la Sombra” (mystery of shadow), “Paisajes Interiores” (interior passages), among others. Each piece has a different technique, a unique theme that is developed over months by Alfredo researching and creating the concept that will determine what he wants to capture in his paintings.

You will be amazed by the beauty of Nature in his most recent painting collection “My Secret Garden”: one welcomes you as you enter the gallery, and others are inspired by migratory movements, captured in a technique that combines painting with a liquid effect from water, creating unique color forms that will impact your senses.

You will also find monotypes made from photos and letters more than 50 years old, a unique concept that came about by chance. “I found a box with some old photos and letters, and I decided to use them for this monotype series,” explains Alfredo. And as a designer he participated in the label design for a brand of mezcal, also on display at the gallery.

From his most recent project “Vestigios de Nuestros Tiempos” (vestiges of our times) some monumental pieces stand out, created under the “strappo” technique (pulling out fragments of wall paintings) and incorporating them in a subtle way, so as to make it possible to recover the history of façades of small shops and beer / soft drink stores, along with the labels painted on Mérida walls: a project with historic and artistic reach that has been taken to international displays in Colombia and other countries. Now you can enjoy it at La Sala. At La Sala you will be able to buy art in Mérida Centro.

La Sala: a space to enjoy contemporary art that also functions as a performance and events stage. Included in the Circuito Galerías. Don’t miss it!

La Sala Art & Design Gallery
Calle 60 #399-A x 45 y 43, Centro
Tel. (999) 289 3582
Monday to Saturday 10:30 am – 8 pm

By Violeta H. Cantarell

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