El Cuyo espolones Laura PasosCan you imagine waking up with a view of the Caribbean Sea, walking on the beach with the white sand between your toes, listening to the sound of the waves and the ocean breeze…it’s Paradise, right? You can experience all this in the small town of El Cuyo, Yucatán.

Located three hours from Mérida, near the border with Quintana Roo, this fishing town is situated in one of the most important ecological reserves in México, a pink flamingo sanctuary.

El Cuyo offers majestic nature views where the blue of the sky can be confused with the aquamarine colors of the Caribbean Sea; a variety of sports activities, and because of it extraordinary wind conditions it’s ideal for practicing and learning kite surfing; and total peace and quiet: a dream come true.

From Mérida, drive to Tizimín, go through Colonia Yucatán, and directly to Paradise. It’s kind of a long trip, but worthwhile. Drive carefully, it’s a livestock area and occasionally some animals might cross the highway. You can also go from Cancún, a two hours’ drive.

To really get the most out of this trip, go for a whole weekend; you can stay in one of the log cabins, or a private villa or inn that offer lodging, tours and meals (Las Casitas, Casa del Cuyo, Hacienda del Cuyo). Remember to reserve in advance, especially in summer.El Cuyo Hacienda del Cuyo

Once there, take a boat ride and admire more than 250 birds species (herons, pelicans, eagles, among others) over the length of Ría Lagartos, an amazing reserve. The main attraction is the colonies of flamingos, who obtain their particular shade of pink from the food they eat, a kind of shrimp that lives in the Ría; they are born grey.

You can also take advantage of the proximity to the island of Holbox in Quintana Roo, and do a one and a half hour tour that takes you there; walk around and then return to El Cuyo.

The more intrepid traveler can learn and practice kite surfing. The wind conditions are ideal to show off your abilities or to overcome your fear and have a unique experience. A perfect place for those who practice this sport!

We know that you will also enjoy your walks on the virgin beaches, admiring the palm trees and “ceibas,” the sacred tree of the Maya. And of course, the dawns and sunsets will offer you unique and unforgettable moments. Get everything ready for a bonfire, with a ceiling full of stars and the music of the sound of the sea. A paradise within reach!

Visit it and let us know your experience.

Located in the Reserva Ecológica Ría Lagartos, El Cuyo is an ideal place to visit with beautiful beaches, mangroves, a pink lagoon, an “ojo de agua” (spring), and a petrified forest.


Editorial by Violeta H. Cantarell
Photos by Hacienda del Cuyo and Laura Pasos for Yucatán Today’s use.

How to get there

Driving: To get to El Cuyo, go north from Valladolid to Tizimín, go east to Colonia Yucatán, and then north to El Cuyo. You can refer to our map of the Yucatan peninsula for more information.
By bus: Go to Autobuses del Noreste (Tel. (999) 924 6355) located on Calle 67 between 50 and 52, Centro. The bus to Tizimín takes 2 hours and then you take a second bus to El Cuyo, which takes 1 hour 45 min.

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