In our continuing series featuring the unique homes and neighborhoods of Mérida, Yucatán, we are proud to present the San Ramón Norte neighborhood. Our host is Keith Heitke, a senior sales agent for Mexico International Real Estate.

Each video episode on our website features a different residential neighborhood of this interesting and beautiful city, focusing on a home which exemplifies the best of that neighborhood. We’ll give you lots of great footage and design ideas.

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San Ramón Norte is a neighborhood of Mérida located in an area that only about 20 years ago was low jungle scrubland. The entire area is seeing a lot of growth, including shopping centers, shopping malls, restaurants, gyms, and coffee bars.  As the Centro Histórico of Mérida was becoming less and less popular with locals starting in the 1970s, the regions outside of the inner ring road known as Circuito Colonias, or neighborhood circuit, began to be built up.  People were able to leave the busy center of the city with all of its inherent noise and congestion, and spread out in the “suburbs” and enjoy having homes that were up-to-date, with windows on all sides rather than just the front and back like the old colonials, and leafy yards.  Since cars began to be more and more prevalent, it also became important to have a place to park at least one car, and then more cars.

Each of the city’s neighborhoods has its own feeling and also its own style of building.  Unlike many cities in México, Mérida is known for being safe and therefore the houses are not usually situated behind high walls.  The houses of San Ramón Norte, while usually having some sort of decorative fence, are wide open and welcoming from the street and sidewalk.

There are not too many parks in these neighborhoods, unfortunately, partly because the houses themselves are set on substantial lots with plentiful trees, so it is less important to have a park to get to nature.  The parks that do exist are well maintained, and in the last few years also contain fitness equipment installed by the local government.

The main thoroughfares throughout the north are wide and lined with shops and restaurants, but immediately behind these larger roads are small scale neighborhood streets, often a bit confusing both with their layout and their names/numbers… but this serves to make them a lot quieter and with slower speed traffic as well.

San Ramón Norte is equidistant from the Altabrisa, Gran Plaza, Plaza Galerías, and The Harbor shopping centers.  There are upscale restaurants in the immediate vicinity, and lots of choices for grocery shopping.

The values of these homes is only increasing as the city moves ever outward, and their quality reflects the owners’ commitment to the area and belief in its future as a great place to live.


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