LoQueHay Café (“lo que hay” means “what there is”) is a vegan restaurant located on the tropical pool patio of Mérida’s first vegan hotel: MedioMundo. The restaurant serves rotating international dinners from Tuesdays through Saturdays including favorites such as Lebanese, regional Mexican, Indian, and Mediterranean.

The restaurant opened in January 2014 out of the need to feed the family of four that owns and operates the hotel after they chose a vegan lifestyle.  Finding healthy meals, much less vegan options, in Merida’s restaurants was impossible then, and preparing three meals every day became challenging. As they became aware of the benefits of veganism for personal health, the environment, animals, and humans, the restaurant became an opportunity to help guests and clients experience how tasty and healthy vegan cuisine can be in a relaxed, friendly, and natural environment.

The clientele is diverse and includes carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, locals, and foreigners of all ages and walks of life who enjoy having a lovingly balanced and satisfying meal.  LoQueHay Café uses local produce that is in season, organic when available. The concept has been very well received by those who are surprised by the innovative adaptations to meat-based recipes, as well as those who are seeking an alternative to traditional local cuisine (although their Yucatecan dishes are also popular). The intention is to keep clients excited about new creations and offer a well-balanced three-course meal that includes fresh, nutritious food with plant protein and at least one raw dish.

Vegan cuisine is completely plant based and does not contain any animal products such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products or honey. The vegan movement in Mérida is one of the strongest in México. Increasing awareness that a vegan diet benefits not only personal health, ends suffering and the deaths of billions of animals, as well as having a positive impact on the environment and its sustainability, is motivating people towards a better quality of life by being conscious of how they spend their money and what they choose to put on their plate.

LoQueHayCafe, Hotel MedioMundo
Calle 55 #533 x 64 y 66, Centro
Tue.-Sat. 7 pm – 10 pm
Daily menu: facebook@loquehaycafe & google+