Everyone knows Yucatán is a state packed with an extensive history of traditions, but did you know you can find here some well-hidden romantic gems? If you haven’t thought of Mérida as a place to find and experience the bliss of love, just look at the “tú y yo” (you and me) chairs crafted specially for you to spend some one-on-one time with your sweetheart. If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day date in Mérida and throughout Yucatán, look no further than this list – we’ve got you covered!



Whether you’re looking for something quiet and romantic, or fun and affordable, check out this list of restaurants in Mérida. Keep in mind that some of these restaurants get packed quickly, so make reservations as soon as possible!


Classy and Romantic

Hacienda Xcanatun by Angsana

Mérida is at the top of its game with romance, and it shows with some of the best fine dining experiences in town. Rosas & Xocolate offers a chocolate and tequila tasting, as well as incredible food. In the beautiful spaces of Hacienda Xcanatún and Mansión Mérida you will feel like royalty. If you’re looking for a tranquil ambiance, try Almadía in Progreso with a view of the Gulf of México. Sayonara is another option, a delicious traditional Japanese-style restaurant boasting fantastic ramen and sushi!

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Contemporary and Eccentric

Dishes at Catrín

If traditional romance isn’t your style, don’t worry, we won’t leave you out! Chooj Galería Gastronómica and Catrín take a unique twist on Mexican food, focusing on distinctive presentations and style. Merci is a contemporary French-Mexican fusion restaurant with a killer brunch menu. And if you’re looking for something cute and economical, head to Aruma, an Italian-Mexican fusion restaurant with a nice selection of inexpensive wines.

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Nothing Striking Your Fancy?

As fantastic as some of these restaurants are, some couples prefer to make their own meals. Los Dos Cooking School will teach you some fantastic recipes for you to enjoy some bonding time with your significant other, with the promise of a great meal afterwards!


Nothing Beats a Good, Old Fashioned Walk

Rosas & Xocolate, façade

México enjoys going all out on Valentine’s Day – stores redecorate, there’s lots of live music, and someone will always be there to sell you flowers. Yucatán is no different, so take a stroll – anywhere – you’re bound to run into something! Paseo de Montejo is particularly famous for being decked out with romantic gear and activities.


If museums and tours are your thing for a perfect date, start with tastings at Rosas & Xocolate and Posheria on Paseo de Montejo. You will also find SoHo Art Gallery in Santa Ana, which showcases tons of different artists’ works, on Calle 60. If you keep walking, you will reach the Cathedral (take a peek inside if you’d like), then head to Museo Fernando García Ponce-Macay next door.

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Sun and Stargazing

Sayil, Pucc Route

The Maya are well-known for their intense devotion to astronomy, and there’s no time like Valentine’s Day to share this sublime experience with your significant other.


Visit the road from Oxkutzcab to Yaxhachén, which is void of human contact and full of wide open spaces. Take advantage of the lack of light pollution and bring your nicest camera!


While places like Progreso offer many good restaurants and activities, consider secluded beaches like El Cuyo, which offers spectacular sunsets and clear starry nights.


Fun note: Venus, the planet of love, can be seen with the naked eye on February the 14th!


Nature Aficionados

Cenote Zaci, Valladolid

Cenotes are a fantastic idea if you are lucky enough to be in Yucatán during Valentine’s Day! Cenote Yokdzonot is only about an hour drive east from Mérida, and cenotes Kankirixche, Dzonbacal, and Noh-Mozón are about an hour south. Grab your swimsuits, towels, and some cash (you won’t find any ATMs nearby) as some of these cenotes have a small entry fee.


Romantic Getaway Itineraries

Check out these itineraries below to enjoy the entire weekend with your significant other.


Romantic Colonial City

In Valladolid, stay at Hotel Le Muuch and book a special dinner at K’uxub restaurant. Explore the outdoor swimming pools, as the architecture and design are drop-dead gorgeous. The next day, go to Ek Balam, a Maya archeological site, and cenote Zací.


Valladolid, church

Beach and City

In the hustle and bustle of Progreso, book a night at one of the many accommodation options in the area (anything goes!) and go for dinner at Humo. Have brunch at Milk Bar, then spend the day chilling on the beach or touring the Malecón Internacional.


Beach and Nature

Book a night at Castillito Kin Nah or Casa Celeste Vida in Celestún, then take a tour to see the flamingos and eat delicious seafood the next day.


Archaeology Adventures

Spend the day at the archaeological site of Uxmal and get traditional (and not so traditional!) Valentine’s Day chocolates at Choco-Story Uxmal. Spend the night at Hacienda Uxmal and dedicate the next day to exploring the area.



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