Las OlasFor a good forty years now the state of Yucatán, especially along the coast, has been a snowbird haven for people looking for long-term house rentals with all the amenities and comforts of home, instead of using a hotel or bed & breakfast. Actually, worldwide, the concept of renting a home at the vacation destination is catching on more and more.

Renting a home is certainly more cost efficient when you consider that you can have several people share the cost of the place; plus having your own kitchen and in many cases, a cook and maid, helps defray costs allowing you to stay longer. In some cases you can rent a home for a month for what you could rent a hotel for a week. Many homes have their own pool so you are not sharing with the masses and you can swim when and how you want.


For years, the coast of Yucatán has been popular with the snowbirds from mid-November to just before Easter, depending when it falls. Chelem, Chicxulub, Uaymitún and Telchac Puerto are popular areas for vacation home rentals where it is quite common to see Canadian or American flags marking the homes of the foreign renters. With these flags one can locate their co-countrymen if you want to meet other people.


The Yucatecan people are known for using their beach homes during July and August and the two weeks of Easter vacation – Semana Santa. This means these homes are closed up most of the months from September to June. Nowadays, many of these homes are rented to foreigners during this time period for a fraction of what they rent for during the summer. You will find homes whose rents range from $250 US to $1,000 a week to $950 US to $2,500 a month.


When you rent a home you quickly get into “living in Mexico mode.” You actually become part of the community as you become a regular at the shops and markets. And keep in mind, dealing with neighbors, shopkeepers and caretakers is the fastest way to perfect your Spanish!


Once you’ve determined to rent a private home or apartment, consider the following: Where do you want to be? At the beach? And if so, which beach? We have an article below that talks about the various beach areas. Or do you want to be in Mérida? And if so, where in Mérida? In the Historical Center downtown area? A colonia? Do your homework so that you get a feel for what each has to offer. Remember, you are renting a home, not a hotel room, so there won’t be daily maid service with change of sheets and towels. Nor in most cases will there be hand soap, dish soap and toilet paper. These are things you will have to provide yourself. Many homes will provide cleaning once a week included in the rate.


Once you make contact with the homeowner, you will start a back and forth e-mail relationship where you will both get a feel for each other. The homeowner will send driving instructions from the airport and set up where to get the keys, etc. While they will help you with details about their home, possibly info on where to shop, etc. keep in mind, they are not car rentals, nor travel agents, nor concierges.



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