There are certain streets in Yucatán where you can spend hours walking, exploring, discovering, and of course, eating and savoring. Calle 47 is one of them. This street is home to some of the most distinctive restaurants in Mérida. It’s a walking gastronomic tour (although we do not recommend trying all these restaurants at once!). Make sure you call and make a reservation beforehand – under instructions by the government, restaurants are operating at a 25% capacity. Or stay at home and order delivery from this emblematic part of Centro. Make sure to double-check when they’re open since these are subject to change because of regulations!



Catrin has certainly become a classic in Mérida’s Centro in just a few years. You’ll find yourself surrounded by music, colors, paintings, multiple Catrines, and powerful Mexican flavors. For now, they are offering a special delivery menu that consists of frozen dishes and Paellas. Enjoy Cochinita Pibil or a delicious rib eye Barbacoa for the whole family.

Calle 47 #463-B x 52 y 54, Centro
Tel. 999 518 1725
FB: Catrín


130 °

For the true carnivores, 130° is pretty much paradise, or like they describe it, “your space for indulgence”. Order a rib-eye steak or a marrow Cowboy 130 with garlic butter. 

Calle 47 #465-A x 52 y 54, Centro
Tel. 999 429 5398
WhatsApp: 999 359 3937
FB: 130 Grados Steakhouse


Micaela Mar y Leña

Micaela Mar y Leña

This seafood restaurant has a romantic and dreamy vibe. Its concept is inspired by the story of the Nana and the thousands of tales that overflow in México about that special someone who wakes up thinking about cooking for her loved ones and considers cooking their love language. Order the Pulpo Maya with a sweet potato base and the beef marrow and surround yourself with love. 

Calle 47 #458 x 52 y 54, Centro
Tel. 999 518 1702
FB: Micaela Mar y Leña


Oliva Enoteca

Oliva Enoteca

Olivia is a beautiful Italian restaurant in an old and elegant house in Centro. Their style is industrial-chic and screams “romantic dinner”. Go on an empty stomach and be prepared to taste every single item on the menu. Order the Gnocchetti e Cozze and the Pasta Carbonara with pancetta and let your taste buds rejoice. 

Calle 47 x 54, Centro
Tel. 999 923 3081
FB: Oliva Enoteca




This exquisite breakfast and brunch place could not be left off our list. The bacon and tomato bowl (a fried egg in a bacon bed with avocado, fruit, and toast with jelly) and the French toast will quench your cravings. Pair up your breakfast with coffee or one of their fresh-made juices. 

Plaza Bon Ami, Avenida Andrés García Lavín [new ubi]
Tel. 999 912 6254
FB: Marmalade Barra de Cocina



Sayonara [CLOSED]

Sayonara has an ample menu filled with Asian specialties. Some of their star dishes are the Oasis roll and the Pad Thai. They describe themselves as having a “wabi-sabi” vibe and consider the making of food a creative and joyful act for savoring. 

Calle 47 #478 x 54 y 56, Centro
Tel.  999 921 8154
FB: Sayonara Restaurante Asiático


Latte Quattro Sette

Latte Quattro Sette

Latte Quattro is a charming cafeteria with a spectacular menu. The Avocado Toast is the house favorite as well as the Nutella Danish. It is a wide space with white walls and corners where you forcefully need to get your picture taken. 

Calle 47 #465 x 54 y 56, Centro
Tel. 999 924 8895
FB: Latte Quattro Sette


El Lucero del Alba

El Lucero is a casual restaurant with excellent service and food that will fill your soul. Devour a couple of Panuchos or ask about their special snack packages. 

Calle 47  #493 x 56, Centro
WhatsApp; 9999 24 80 99
FB: El Lucero del Alba



Editorial by Greta Garrett
Assistant Editor



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