policia-turisticaThe Tourism Police are a friendly and professional group of young men and women especially trained by the Yucatán Police Department to assist and help all of you amigos who visit the Yucatán, particularly Mérida. They are the first generation of graduates from the Luís Sotelo Regil Police Academy of Mérida, and are here to help you any way they can.

They can be easily identified by their white shirts, as well as the Policía Turística patch worn on their arm sleeve. All members of the other Police Departments wear different colors.

You can find most members of the Tourist Police around the hotel zone and downtown Mérida, where they patrol both on foot and on motorcycles. You can contact them by phone at (999) 942 0060 any time, seven days a week.

Their job is to offer assistance, free of charge, and to advise you on all relevant tourist information you might need, including where to find consulates, hospitals, drugstores, restaurants and other resources.

 Serve public safety, preventive and transit police in the city of Mérida with professional, efficient, honorable and quality service that promotes the rights of society and guarantees people’s rights.

Antrop. Rodrigo Ernesto Ordóñez Sosa,
Jefe del Departamento de Comunicación Social
Dirección de Policía Municipal de Mérida
Calle 57 between 52 and 54, Centro
Telephone: 942 0060
Email:  [email protected]


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