Music can move hearts, lives and change futures. More than 16 thousand kids and young people have being benefited all over México thanks to the project Esperanza Azteca. Since 2012 our state has being part of this amazing labor, with the Symphonic Orchestra Esperanza Azteca in Progreso.

But you will asked yourself, which is this amazing labor? Is to put together kids and young people from the communities and teach them the beauty of the music, through instruments and chorus, only in Yucatán more than 180 had being part of this project creating one Symphonic Orchestra that is worthy of any scenario of the world.

This November 17, 2016 you will be able to enjoy a the concert “Touching Lives” at 7 pm at the Party Hall Emily’s (Calle 33-A #176 x 112 y 114, Col. Vicente Guerrero) in Progreso, the fee will be $200 pesos per person. This will be a fundraiser event, in order to keep helping the cause and making possible for more young people to have the opportunity of joining the project.

If you are interested in knowing more about it, you can contact the responsible of the Yucatán project:

Facebook: Orquesta Sinfónica Esperanza Azteca Progreso
Contact: [email protected]
Cel: 9992 75 63 49 / 9991 71 77 05
Artistic Director: Omar Cabrera Rosas
Administrative Coordinator: Juana Inés Gamboa Sosa

Tickets are available with:
Bev, Dorothy, Ben, Jo-Anne and Eva
And on our website

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