Our rainy season has begun! If clouds are starting to form in the afternoon, go to Voltacafé, get a coffee and some “pan dulce,” and sit down to watch the downpour.


Visit Color Amor and Amerindio on Calle 55 to find charming hand-made products made by Mexican producers to give your summer wardrobe a splash of color.


Get to see one of our museums during your stay in Mérida. Visit the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya on Calle 60 Norte; it’s the perfect place to explore our state’s past, present, and future.


Celebrate one of the many products which we Yucatecos have adopted: savory Edam cheese, known here as Queso de Bola! Enjoy it in our traditional dishes such as Queso Relleno, Marquesitas, or served with Dulce de Papaya.


June 29 is the feast day of Saint Peter the Apostle in Panabá. In addition to masses and pilgrimages, it is celebrated on several days with vaquerías and folkloric dances such as the Cabeza de Cochino and Los Ramilletes.


Here’s a Yucatecan secret: There is no greater pleasure than cooling off in a cenote after having spent the day sweating at an archaeological site. Visit Ek Balam and then go to one of the nearby cenotes, such as Zací or Saamal. Very cool.


The Serenata at Parque Santa Lucía is held every Thursday at 9 pm and is a Yucatecan staple. Come watch the dances, listen to trova, and stay for dinner at one of the fabulous restaurants on the plaza.


Even during our rainy season, mornings tend to be sunny in Yucatán! Spend the morning at the beach eating Ceviche Mixto, crunchy Kibis, and coconut sweets while you soak up the sun.


In Yucatán, we love to drag our chairs outside to spend the summer evenings chatting and enjoying the cooler temperatures. If you see us sitting at our doorway with a glass of lemonade, say hello!


Discover one of our traditional neighborhoods. Colonia Itzimná is located near Paseo de Montejo, has a beautiful 18th century church which was built upon a temple dedicated to the Maya god Zamná, and is surrounded by stunning “casonas.”

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