1. Music, color, and the celebration of being Mexican. You can experience it in the Centro Histórico on November 20th at the parade that celebrates the 108th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution. Don’t miss it!

2. If you are craving Yucatecan food, visit Oro Verde restaurant, at Hacienda Noc Ac on the Cheuman – Sierra Papacal highway. Their dishes are cooked over a wood fire, unforgettable!

3. One of the most anticipated events of the year is the Feria Yucatán Xmatkuil, from November 9th to December 2nd, offering all kinds of activities and events for the whole family.

4. Have you tried Ki’ Xocolatl’s products? They were named by National Geographic as one of the finest chocolates of the world. Check out any of their four locations and experience it for yourself!

5. When you visit Mérida, an almost mandatory stop has to be the Museo Fernando García Ponce – MACAY. There you will discover what the Yucatecan contemporary artists are creating. It’s next to the cathedral.

6. The archaeological site of Labná, on the Puuc Route, offers the most stunning and photo-worthy postcard photo opportunities to remember your trip to Yucatán.

7.  Have breakfast like a true Yucatecan in Motul. Head to the mucipality’s market “20 de Noviembre”, go up to the dining area and order some Huevos Motuleños from Doña Evelia.

8. Arriving along with November, the Balché tree blooms with beautiful clusters of violet-colored flowers that will bewitch everyone who sees them. Open your eyes and try to find this Yucatecan treasure.

9. Chelem is the ideal place to visit and enjoy a few days if you are looking for tranquility and to get away from the city’s bustle. Relax on the beach, basking in the sun and trying delicious dishes like ceviche and pescado frito (fried fish).

10. Every Thursday at 9 pm in Santa Lucía park, you can experience first hand the romanticism and bohemian mood of the Serenata Yucateca, a tradition one hundred percent Yucatecan.

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