1. Travel deeper to the Ruta Puuc, a route of three breathtaking archaeological sites with a distinctive architectural style unique to the region: Sayil, Kabah, and Labná.

2. Keep your eye in the trees in order to sight the Yucatecan blue jay. Common enough to be seen in any green patch, the bird is flirtatious, colorful, and unforgettable.

3. One of the most noteworthy characteristics of the colonial architecture in Mérida’s Centro are the pasta tile floors. Snap a pic of each one you encounter – they run the gamut in color and design.

4. The store of “Las Miniaturas” on Calle 57 x 60 y 62 is a pillar of the Centro shopping community. You’ll need an eye for detail when perusing these handicrafts fabricated all over the country.

5. Mango is in season, and you can enjoy it in every form. Try mango ice cream, juice, smoothies, and mango slices seasoned with chile powder.

6. Have a fresh French-inspired lunch in the restored colonial home of Bistro Cultural and enjoy one of the Centro’s best kept secrets, on Calle 66 x 41 y 43.


7. The late-Classic archaeological site Mayapán is just a stone’s throw from Mérida. The site played an important historical role, taking over the region after the fall of Chichén Itzá.

8. Go cenote hopping in Tecoh. Visit the caves and get your adventure on with a local guide as he takes you through the tight caves and introduces you to a cenote fit for the gods.

9. Visit Hacienda Misné and step into a world of tropical gardens, luscious swimming pools, and traditional Yucatecan architecture and cuisine.

10. Visit Izamal from Thursday to Saturday and go on the enchanting Light and Sound Show/Tour “Izamal, Ciudad Luz.” Don’t be late! The tour starts at 8 pm and leaves from the Parque de los Cañones and ends at the convent, featuring world-class video mapping.

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