A haven for exotic migratory birds, Río Lagartos is an enormous bio-reserve where fresh water meets the sea. The view from the malecón reveals absolutely stunning turquoise waters in June.

Maya women throughout the peninsula dedicate their afternoons to hand-stitching embroidered products. Find cross-stitched dresses, jewels, and more in Kukul Boutik.

The “Calzada de los Frailes,” in Valladolid is a colorful street full of emerging designer brands. Shop and stroll, stopping for a basil-infused lemonade in the deliciously refreshing Cafeína.

Make an appointment for a “spa pedicure” at T’ai Spa in Altabrisa and prepare yourself to be transported to relaxation station by locally-sourced salt scrubs and coconut creams.

Every Tuesday night, you’ll encounter classic live music being played in Parque Santiago. Arrive early and have dinner in the market, then strap on your dancing shoes, because you’re not going to want to stay seated with these groovy, old-school tunes.

Take an adventure to “El Corchito.” Leaving from near Progreso, the serene boat ride takes you to a natural island, where you’ll play hide-and-seek with raccoons, then dive into a deep blue, freshwater “ojo de agua.”

Adventure to the Puuc for a visit into the underworld in the caves of Loltún near Oxkutzcab. Go with a local guide and learn the role that these never-ending caves played in ancient times.

Noches de Kukulkán” is a video-mapping show underneath the stars in epic Chichén Itzá. The video tells the complicated history of rises and falls of this tumultuous ancient city.

Visit Hacienda Teya for lunch and try the vegan version of “Papadzules” or the not-vegan “Lechón al Horno.” After lunch, explore the hacienda, and be sure not to miss the fragrant garden of jasmine flowers.

Head to Homún for an unforgettable cenote adventure. Link up with Gabriel García, a local guide, in a moto-taxi in order to explore cenotes off the beaten path. 9993 55 51 51.

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