1. All along the Yucatecan coast, encounter 450 year-old living fossils, called horseshoe crabs. These ten-eyed, prehistoric bottom-feeders are in danger of extinction and highly protected by Mexican law due to the exploitation of the copper in their blue blood.

2. Outside of Valladolid, Cenotes Palomitas and Agua Dulce dig deep into the Earth in Yalcobá. A one-stop, two cenote adventure with breathtaking views, bathrooms, and picnic spaces—go before everyone finds out!

3. Shake your waist to the soundtrack of “La Vida Tropical” with world-class musicians in my favorite local band, “La Siembra.” Free salsa lessons every Friday night at 8 pm in the hippest joint in town, Mercado 60.

4. The peach-pink Church of Yaxcabá touts a Romanesque flair. The pueblo’s colonial architecture represents the Spanish hold on an indigenous community thought to be originally founded by the Cocom, the survivors of fallen Mayapán.

5. Don’t miss all-star adventurer and travel writer, Alonso Vera Cantú, “Pata de Perro,” as he presents his new book Viajar es Vivir in the International Reading Festival of Yucatán (FILEY) March 10 – 18 at Siglo XXI.

6. Galería Mérida located near Parque La Mejorada, presents room after room of thought-provoking art and pasta tile floors. In its most notable installation, an audience of skulls rests on the tips of giant ceramic fingers.

7. On Thursday and Friday nights at 9 pm, take a trip into the past on the epic Spanish-language tour, Noche de Leyendas. Be prepared to question the way the past impacts the Historic Center of Mérida we know today.

8. The new water and ecological park located in Xmatkuil, Baxal Ja, is an opportunity to spend interactive time with the entire family. Relax on the lazy river or ride the waves on the simulated surf pool.

9. Folkloric, local artist Fausto rescued an abandoned historic home on Calle 47-A (between 64 and 68) and transformed its deteriorating walls into a profound work of street art, featuring captivating symbols and vibrant colors.

10. Eat breakfast at Café Pop in Mérida with piping hot, diner-style coffee. Don’t panic when you see the restaurant is full—the same great service and delicious dishes are available on the back patio and next door.

Por / by Amanda Strickland


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