1. Delicious and refreshing “aguas” (fruit juices) are offered in almost every Yucatecan restaurant. Our favorites: lima (not to be confused with limón), watermelon, and sour orange.
  2. The epic archaeological site of Uxmal unites immense architecture with symbolism. Bring along a pen and paper to doodle some of the magnificent drawings found carved along the walls of this expansive ancient city.
  3. Barrio Itzimná is one of Mérida’s most elegant historic neighborhoods. Take a long walk and enjoy the royal architecture lining the streets, noting the rustic red church in the square.
  4. Famously known for its cenotes, Homún is also home to Laguna Yalahau, one of the state’s only open lagoons. Protected for its diverse flora and fauna, get the help of a local in order to visit this rare natural wonder.
  5. Breakfast the original recipe of the world-famous “Huevos Motuleños” in the market in the city of its origin, Motul. Prepare for a mouthwatering layering of crispy tortillas, black beans, fried eggs, and special sauces.
  6. Get your adventure on with an unforgettable excursion into darkness in Río Lagartos. The “Crocodiles by Night” guided boat tour brings you face-to-face with one of nature’s most powerful creatures.
  7. Shop consciously in the boutique of Xcambo Project, located in Hotel Misión Mérida on Calle 59 x 52 in Mérida Centro. Local artisans produce all of the delicious salsas, honey, and marmalades found in this new boutique.
  8. Hit up the hip beach town of Telchac Puerto, a local secret with calm waters, colorful murals, and every sweet snack you can imagine made from coconut.
  9. Every Wednesday night at 9:00, watch the animated history of the conquest projected on “Casa Montejo,” an incredible visual experience made possible with the cutting-edge technology of videomapping.
  10. Experience the living museum of Hacienda Sotuta de Peón. Learn about the turbulent history of henequén farming as you explore the process of making the plant into the fiber.

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