1. During your visit to Valladolid don’t miss the Zací cenote, take your bathing suit and enjoy!

2. Visit the birth town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto: Motul. Visit the museum in his honor and then have some delicious “Motuleños” eggs.

3. A perfect way to know more about the ancient Maya is visiting the sites along the Puuc Route. Take your map with you!

4. Remember that in Mérida you can enjoy the famous “Yucatecan Serenade” every Thursday at 9 pm at Parque Santa Lucía.

5. If you love eco-tourism, you can’t miss going to the San Crisanto mangroves!

6. Have a wonderful weekend in contact with nature at Hacienda Ticum, and while you’re there be sure to visit the archaeological site of Aké.

7. With the help of our free download mini tour get to know the art galleries in Mérida Centro. You will love them!

8. Every Tuesday from 8 pm to 9 pm practice some Bier Yoga at Mercado 60, because beer and yoga go together perfectly!

9. Only 6 km from Chichén Itzá, be amazed by the “Trono de Balam” and the Sacred Ceiba at the Balankanché caves.

10. Do you practice Kite Surf? If so, El Cuyo is the ideal place for you.

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