1. Have you ever dreamed about swimming in a cenote at night? Organize a group with your friends and make it a reality at Los 7 Cenotes de San Gerónimo.

2. Participate in the religious procession of the Sitilpech Christ, on October 18 in Izamal.

3. Enjoy the sun and sea at Silcer Beach Club, with some delicious seafood of course! Calle 21 x 54, Progreso.

4. If you love ecotourism, discover the fauna and flora in San Crisanto mangroves.

5. Are you wondering where to buy clay articles for your Hanal Pixan altar? Go to Ticul and visit Alfarería Martín, Calle 19 #233, Col. Mejorada.

6. Did you know that the tallest lighthouse in the state is located at the El Palmar State Reserve? Discover all the marvelous things that this place has to offer.

7. Only 6 km from Chichén Itzá, be amazed by the Balam Throne and the Sacred Ceiba at the Balankanché caves.

8. If you are looking for a place with regional food with a twist, visit Hacienda Tepich. Their specialty is rabbit, including their special dish “Cochiconejo” (prepared like cochinita pibil but with rabbit). Only 20 km from Mérida.

9. Driving toward Izamal, only 32 km from Mérida, you will find a town called Aké, where The Palace is located: a structure that is part of the archaeological site of Aké.

10. After visiting Aké, drive on to Kimbilá, a town well known for the quality of its embroidery. Buy some blouses, guayaberas, hipiles and more.

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