1. Have a different kind of Wednesday in Chelem at the Wine Tasting and Art Exhibition at the Bull Pen Restaurant from 5 pm to 8 pm.

2. Join the celebrations of the Tobacco Fair in Ticul, April 5th. Don’t miss it, it’s one of the most important festivals in that city!

3. Enjoy the video mapping at the archaeological site of Chichén ItzáNoches de Kukulkán” from Tuesday to Sunday.

4. Discover Cenote Dzitnup, known as the “Blue Cave,” located 7 km from Valladolid. All the cave stalactites are photo worthy.

5. Go into the underworld at the Tzabnah caves, 40 km from Mérida in Tecoh, where you will se stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and 13 cenotes of different sizes. Fantastic!

6. Try some delicious traditional Yucatecan food at the Zamná restaurant in Izamal, Calle 22 between 31 and 33.

7. Only an hour from Mérida, travel the Puuc Route, read all about it by clicking here.

8. Right across the road from Uxmal is the Choco Story museum, where you will learn about the traditions and history of the cacao and its influence on the Maya civilization.

9. Enjoy a perfect Italian dinner on the beach at Elio al Mare, Calle 21 between 40 and 38, Progreso.

10. On your next trip to Tizimín don’t forget to visit the Parque Zoológico Botánico La Reina, named after Queen Elizabeth II from England who inaugurated it in 1975.

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