Yuckite Yoga1. If you love sweets and you are around Telchac Puerto, don’t forget to visit Dulcería Chay. Try the papaya with coconut, delicious!

2. 50 km from Mérida are the cenotes of Homún, with a tour of five cenotes and some caves. It’s advisable to go with a guide in a mototaxi.

3. While you are in Homún, the town welcomes you from July 6 – 14 honoring San Buenaventura, patron of the town. Processions and folk dances.

4. If you are all about extreme sports, we recommend a visit to Chocantes or Zastuntunic caves in Tekax. To enter one of the caverns you need to crawl chest down for 300 meters!

5. Not far from Valladolid is the town of Uayma, with an authentic art jewel waiting for you, the Church and Ex Convent of Santo Domingo. You will love the colors, architecture and history.

6. Wouldn’t you love taking a tour in a “truck” in a hacienda that still grows henequén? You can do it at Hacienda Viva Sotuta de Peón.

7. OMM,… connect with your inner self by doing yoga on a paddle board with Yuckite at the Ría of Progreso.

Kabah Mascaras Chaac8. The Palace of the Masks is waiting for you. You will be amazed by the hundreds of stone masks of Chaac, the Maya rain god.

9. Looking for wooden furniture? If so, the best place ton go is the town of Temozón, only a 15 km from Valladolid.

10. If you are travelling around Chelem, don’t forget to visit the antiques store “El Precio de la Historia”.

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