1. On your next visit to Valladolid, drop in to the local mercado and have lunch at El Amigo Casiano, it’s delicious!

2. You can’t leave your visit to Hacienda Sotuta de Peón without having their signature Margarita prepared with Sisal liqueur and sour oranges from the hacienda grounds.

3. Walk through the land of one of the most emblematic archaeological sites of the Puuc Route, Kabah. It hasn’t been completely reconstructed, so you will be able to discover buildings hidden in the jungle.

4. Check out the new Coqui Coqui store in Izamal, where you can buy perfumes with all kind of aromas and made out of local ingredients.

5. In Motul visit the Felipe Carrillo Puerto Museum, located in the house that this important person of Yucatán history was born.

6. After visiting the museum in Motul, go to the mercado and buy some delicious, nutritional chaya.

7. Only 80 km from Mérida on the free road to Cancún, discover one of the most fascinating underground cenotes, Cenote Chihuan.

8. With the help of the Yucatán Peninsula map in our centerfold or by downloading it HERE create your tailor-made tour of the beaches of Yucatán.

9. Remember that you can visit the healthy food market “Alternativos” in Valladolid every second Sunday of the month.

10. Take a photo of yourself at the monument of the Chicxulub crater in the main plaza of Chicxulub Puerto.

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