1. Explore the only Maya labyrinth in existence today. We have it right here in Yucatán, in Oxkintok.

2. Try the delicious chaya empanadas at Kinich restaurant in Izamal. It is believed that they invented them!

3. After visiting the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá, cool off in the Hubiku cenote.

4. On your visit to the cenotes of Homún, you can also go to the Santa María caves, just three blocks from the cemetery. Are you ready?

5. At the end of August, check out the “Cristo del Amor” processions at the San Francisco de Asís parish church in Umán. Some of the “gremios” (guilds) are more than 110 years old.

6. When you are in Merida Centro, don’t miss the Macay Museum! While you are there be sure to ask about the building’s history.

7. It’s time to pamper yourself! Head to Hacienda Xcanatún Spa for a complete day of relaxation and contact with nature.

8. Eco touristic day: let your inner Indiana Jones free and discover the “Bocas de Dzilam,” with mangroves, cenotes and a huge variety of fauna.

9. Summer hasn’t ended yet, so drive to your favorite beach town and enjoy a delicious lunch with freshly caught seafood. Bon appetit!

10. Every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm shop for organic, local and homemade products at the Slow Food Market, located at Centro Comercial Colón in Mérida.

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