1. Go see the creation process of the delicious Ceiba beer, take your friends and visit their plant and learn all about it.

2. Enjoy original regional gastronomy at Hacienda Teya, and save room for the classic papaya dessert, one of their specialties.

3. Art is a fundamental part of your Mérida experience, enjoy the exhibitions at MACAY modern art museum, free entrance.

4. A must during your tour of Centro, is to have a snack or a coffee at Café Pop, with more than 45 years of history.

5. If you want to adopt a pet, contact Evolución Animal or check our website each Tuesday and read about our Pet Adoption of the Week.

6. Have some Relleno Negro, Cochinita Pibil or Lechón tacos for breakfast at the Santa Ana market, together with a cold Cristal Naranja.

7. Check out the music, livestock exhibition, mechanical games and much more at Feria Yucatán Xmatkuil 2016.

8. Do you love photography? Do your own colonial architecture tour, in areas like Barrio de La Mejorada, where you will see the famous Casa Morisca, the arches, Casa de la Cultura Jurídica and much more.

9. Remember that every Wednesday and Saturday you can do your shopping at the Slow Food Market, located at the Centro Comercial Colón.

10. If you love buying local products and handcrafts, visit Bazar García Rejón, located at Calle 60 x 65 in Centro.

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