1. Check out the new exhibition of La Quinta Montes Molina: the glamour of the 30’s to 50’s.

2. Check out the portfolio of Galería Boutique Colores 33, more than 33 emerging and known artists.

3. Discover the creative project of Imagen Caminante at the San Roque Market in colonia San José Tecoh.

4. Celebrate Hanal Pixan and check out the altars at the Plaza Grande, on the last weekend of October. Don’t forget your camera!

5. New gastronomic option in the north part of the city, Volta Café at Altabrisa. Every great idea begins with a cup of coffee!

6. Visit the Lucas de Gálvez Market to buy all the ingredients to prepare a delicious “Xe’ek” for Hanal Pixan.

7. Are you a fan of Pedro Infante? If so, you must go to the Amorcito Corazón gallery at Hotel Boulevard Infante, you will love it!

8. What about seafood for lunch? Ask for the fish filet stuffed with crab with Xcatic chili sauce, at La Pigua restaurant.

9. Fall in love again with some Trova music, every Thursday at the Serenata Yucateca at Santa Lucía Park.

10. Get to know part of the colonial architecture of Mérida by walking through La Mejorada barrio, and remember to see the “Puente” and “Dragones” arches.

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