1. Have you heard of “Queso de Bola” (Edam cheese) ice cream? Dare to try it at Helados Polito, a famous ice cream store more than 100 years old. Visit the north location in Campestre.

Casa Lecanda jardin2. Don’t miss “Asterisco Cinematográfico” every Tuesday at Cairo Cinema Café.

3. The mansions in Mérida are a symbol of elegance and tradition. Enjoy an exquisite breakfast at Casa Lecanda boutique hotel.

4. Enjoy a delicious “marquesita” at “Mérida en Domingo” on Sundays in the Plaza Grande.

5. While you are walking around Centro, drop in to the “Palacio de Gobierno” and let yourself be amazed by Fernando Castro Pacheco’s murals.

6. Are you looking for crafts? Visit the “Casa de las Artesanías” in Centro, beside the church of Monjas.Casa de las Artesanías molcajete piedra

7. Enjoy a “trova” night at 500 Noches’ new location in Parque Santa Lucía.

8. Family day on Saturday? Visit the Mérida English Library at 9:30 am for the story hour for kids.

9. It’s time to pamper yourself: relax at UK Reflexology on Paseo de Montejo at Av. Pérez Ponce.

10. Buy a fragrant perfume at Coqui Coqui Perfumería, try the agave scent!