Laura Marlowe is the author of the children’s book “Tommy the Throwaway Dog” (also available in Spanish under the title “Tommy el Perro de Usar y Tirar”), based on a true story in the USA.  When Tommy was a puppy, his first owner hurt him badly and then threw him away when he was near death.  Thanks to a little luck in the form of a city worker, Tommy was found, rescued and given the chance to recover, after which a wonderful family adopted him.  His story touched Laura’s heart in a big way and she was inspired to turn it into a children’s book that could be used to educate children and earn proceeds to donate, including to several non-profit NGOs in Mexico and one in Yucatán (Protección de Perros y Gatos de Progreso). It is available as a book in both languages, an iBook, and a DVD. The book has inspired children to be kinder to animals and also to read more books more often.

YUCATAN TODAY: How did you hear about Tommy’s plight and rescue?

LAURA MARLOWE: Thanks to my love of reading, I had been skimming news headlines posted on various online publications when I saw one about about the abuse of a dog.  As a dog lover and a long-time animal welfare activist, I simply could not ignore it and so went ahead and read the article that has changed my life and enabled me to enlighten hearts and minds.

YT: After you wrote the book, how did you promote it?

LM: The folks who run Hope Animal Rescues, the shelter that helped Tommy recuperate and find a new home, were really the first to actively promote the book; they referred it and acquired and sold copies.  After that, I was offered newspaper interviews, a television interview and a bookstore book signing, where I was thrilled to meet Tommy and many of the people portrayed in the book, hundreds of fans and customers, and donate all signing proceeds to Hope Animal Rescues.  Since then, sales of the book, the DVD (only available through me), and the iBook have occurred thanks to word of mouth, website visitors, and my public appearances.

YT: What actions has the book inspired?

LM: Children choose to become involved in animal welfare in their own communities; youngsters tell me in person and in writing that they will make sure to be even kinder to animals, donate items to shelters, and share the book with friends; and many students promise to read more books more often!

YT: Which nonprofits in Mexico do you donate books and proceeds to?

LM: Hekab Be Biblioteca, the Valladolid English Library, libraries and a Boys and Girls Club in Baja California, and the organization Protección de Perros y Gatos in Progreso, Yucatán, and a few more are slated for this year.

YT: What other countries’ nonprofits receive books and proceeds?

LM: Donations have been made to a language school in Australia, several literacy organizations and libraries in the United States, and a library in Puerto Rico.

YT: What’s next?

LM: Since the release of my second educational children’s book, the fictional tale “Roo B. Dee and the Lazy Day”, I continue to appear at special events, schools and organizations to do readings, Q&As and signings and educate children about the value of kindness, the consequences of laziness, and the importance and magic of reading.  Meanwhile I am working on my third book, a poem that I envision as a children’s story.

Tommy the Throwaway Dog (book, iBook, DVD)

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