Our cover this month is a beautiful photo of a classic example of Yucatecan gastronomy: the fish dish Tikin Xiik’. We are honored to be able to publish this photo on our cover; it also graces the cover of the authoritative and comprehensive cookbook by the late Chef David Sterling, Yucatán: Recipes From a Culinary Expedition. You can find the recipe on page 316 of that book.

Many of our readers know David from “Los Dos Cooking School.” His Yucatecan cuisine cooking classes were adored by everyone who participated in them over the years, not only for the wealth of culinary knowledge he shared, but also for the hands-on cooking experience. The classes have been carried on by his faithful right-hand-man, Mario Canul, who is now the Director of Los Dos. Mario worked side by side with David for 12 years, and was an integral part of the award-winning cookbook.

At Yucatán Today, we love telling stories as a way of accompanying you on your journey through Yucatán. And with this photo and recipe, there is, of course, a great story! In Mario’s own words: “This recipe was given to us by Doña Socorro Silveira, David’s first teacher of Yucatecan cuisine. Later she was part of our staff for 10 years until she lost the fight against diabetes.

“Doña Soco was a mother who gave her life to cooking; she ran a “cocina económica” and did a bit of catering for parties. She used to wear a “huipil” (traditional embroidered dress) at every opportunity. With a big smile on her face she used to teach us all of the special tips from her vast knowledge. I remember when we made this recipe for the book cover photo, we all went together to the market to purchase the ingredients. Doña Soco was so excited when David told her that her recipe was going to be shot by a professional photographer and would be included in a famous international cookbook. And, needless to say, it was absolutely delicious!”

We hope you make your own culinary expedition while visiting our beautiful state!

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