In recent years, and all over the world, we’ve seen bulk stores pop up again; Mérida is no exception. With each day, there are more and more options all over the city for us to buy our food and basic staples in bulk at small businesses. Buying certain products in bulk has become a response to the economic and environmental needs of everyday people, which have become more evident lately. However, shopping at bulk stores offers more than just those benefits. Here we list three, along with some stores you can visit in Mérida


  1. Marshe - Tiendas a granel

    You support the local economy

When we choose to shop at small businesses, we’re choosing which businesses we want in our city, and we ensure their permanence by supporting them. Plus, many bulk stores in Mérida prioritize products made in Yucatán, which has a trickle-down economic impact on local small producers and business owners. 


  1. Lesser environmental impact

Shopping in bulk helps the environment in several ways. Less waste-generating packaging is the most evident, but being able to buy only what we need is a way to minimize our carbon footprint, as we reduce food waste. Veering away from big brands and monopolies gives us the opportunity to choose other, more environmentally-friendly products: with organic certifications, free of pesticides, produced in nearby communities, and diverse, mixed grains and seeds that promote biodiversity conservation. 


  1. Marshe - Tiendas a granel

    Better for your health

Shopping at bulk stores also impacts our health, not only because of the reduced environmental impact. Having the opportunity to buy smaller amounts of products allows us to widen the range of products we consume, and encourages us to buy food items we’ve never had before, just to try them. This means we get a more diverse diet: a healthier diet. 


With all these benefits for you and the community, isn’t it worth your while to go and discover some of the bulk stores that have opened in Mérida in recent years? There’s surely one near you; here’s a list that includes several areas. 


Sembra Granel
Calle 18 #98-B x 21 y 19, Itzimná
IG & FB: Sembra – Productos a Granel


Ay Granel
Calle 62 #397, Parque de Santa Ana, Centro
IG & FB: Ay Granel


Alma Grata
Av. García Lavín x 45, Plaza Dalí, San Antonio Cucul
IG & FB: alma grata


Calle 20 #55A-L1 x 7 y 9, México Norte
IG: @luum.todoagranel


Marshé Mercado & Healthy Bar
Calle 17 #198 L-2 x 18 y 20, García Gineres
IG & FB: Marshé Mercado & Healthy Bar


Estación Nativa
Av. José Díaz Bolio x 14 y 16, México Oriente
IG  & FB: Estación Nativa



By Andrea Figueroa.


Photography by Marshe Mercado & Healthy Bar for its use in Yucatán Today.

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